Who all can register?

Any Job Seeker who is willing to work in healthcare industry under any vertical. All Doctor, Nurses, Para Medical staff, HR, IT, Finance, Sales & Marketing professionals can registered to get recruit in healthcare industries including AYUSH.

How can I post my Resume?

To post your Resume at, click on the ‘Register under Job Seeker’ on This takes you to the next step of filling up your few personal and professional details. These details are basic and required to get you registered with Perzue. Once you’ve completed this, you will land to your profile page where you have to fill your Complete professional and personnel detail to get notice to recruiter.

How can I update/edit my Profile?

You can update your profile by login to . Once you have logged in to your account, you need to click on edit/update profile. Perzue recommended that you update your Profile regularly to get notice by recruiter. Chances of getting hired more if you keep your profile updated regularly. 

Does it cost to post my Resume?

Its free for Job Seeker.

I can’t remember the password to my account. How can I login again?

In this case, click on the ‘Forgot password’ under login. By using your email ID or Mobile Number you can create a new password for yourself.

How can I change the password to my account?

Once you login into the,  go to any of profile snapshot tabs ( education, experience, profile settings etc). In left side of screen you will find change password tab.

How can I update the contact details on my account?

You can only change your Mobile number mentioned in personal detail under snapshot tab.

Who all have access to my Resume?

Your resume will get access by all recruiters who are registered with However, you can choose to block your profile from certain employer. regards privacy of all user hence only allow registered user to access profile.

I do not want my current employer to have access to my Resume. How can I do that?

While entering information about your employment below Current/Last employer need to click the check box(Check to hide your Current/Last employer)

How do I search for relevant jobs?

Relevant jobs will come with your specific requirements. For better and accurate search, you can use drop down or help text. Perzue recommend you to specify the keywords, preferred locations and your total experience criteria to access job search results which are relevant to what you are looking for. From number of result you can narrow down your search by specifying most available criteria. If result is less or ‘No result found’ appears after search its recommended to broaden your search.

Job Alert

Is there any benefit of creating Job Alert?

Job alert enable job seeker to find the latest jobs matching with their aspiration. You can find job through alert on the basis of criteria created by you based on your expertise and skills.

For creating a job alert you need to first registered with

How long saved a job(s) going to stay on my account?

Saved job will stay in your account till the time account is not going to live on the site.

Can Job Alert be deleted or edit?

Job alert can be deleted or modified by login in your account.

Home Page

What is the ‘Radius based searched in the advanced search?

‘Radius based searched is a unique feature of  It will enable once you login into the account. You can select the periphery from your current location to find the number of job offered by various employer. It will help you to find job nearby your location.

What is Employment Type ?

‘This is very critical in healthcare Industry. Healthcare Job market is totally different from conventional job market. In  healthcare job market people are not only willing to work with permanent or part time basis but other unconventional type of Employment like Locum, Revenue Sharing, Night Shift etc  is preferred by Healthcare professional. site is a perfect interface for jobseeker to search or find job on the basis of desired Employment type.



Can I apply  Multiple job?

There are both option available to apply single or multiple job at a time.

By checking on individual box you can apply single job and by selecting multiple check box you can apply multiple job.

Can I apply without registered with

No,  We have not allowed to apply without registration as it will not give the desire result or response to recruiter.

When can I expect a response after a successful job application?

After applying successfully for a particular job response lies solely at the discretion of the recruiter/ Employer who has published the job.

Create New Profile

Can I create multiple profile ?

Yes, you can create multiple profile by using different Mobile number and Email id. You can select while applying relevant profile as per requirement given.



How can an employer register?

As an employer, you need to click on contact sales/ buy page first. Once you entered your email id and phone number. You will land on package subscription page, where you can send the query to admin or select package for the further registration process.

•    Query: Perzue sales representative will contact you soon once he received your query.

•    Package Subscription: An admin will verify your account, and an employer will receive a confirmation mail which includes his/her login credentials details.

I'm facing problem with logging into my account?. 

If you are unable to log in, please have a look at the following points

•    It might be happening if you are entering an incorrect username and password. Note: login details are case-sensitive.

•    Clean cookies of your browser.

•    Maybe JavaScript enabled in your browser.

•    If the problem remains same, please contact us at [email protected] or tollfree: 1800-2700-401

How can I retrieve my username/password?

In case you forgot your username/password. click on “forgot password” link, you can retrieve information either through registered email id or registered phone number with Perzue.

•    Through email id: you will receive an email in your registered email-id and click on the link to reset your password.

•    Through phone number: once you enter your registered phone number, you will get an OTP and a reset password link will open after submitting the 6-digit OTP.

What is the role of Master employer and a sub-employer?

A master-employer has the admin rights to create a main account for a company. He/she can create sub-employer, delete, manage permission, monitor account usage, edit accounts settings to sub-employers.

A sub-employer can post a job, delete jobs, publish jobs, search candidates, send mail, send messages and change password. The permission of sub-employer will not remain same, its vary as per master-employer need.

Can I control the permission of sub-employer for the package I have purchased?.

Yes, you can grant package usage permission to specific users. For this

•    Login to your employer’s account as a Master-employer.

•    Go to My profile->sub-employer section.

•    Send request to admin to add sub-employer. Admin will create the sub-employer login details (id and password) and details will share with master-employer.

•    If you do not remember either your username or the email id with which you had registered for a perzue recruiter account, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

Whom should I contact if I face any problems while using my account?

Contact our admin representative on Toll-free: 1800-2700-401 or email-id: [email protected] between 10:00 am and 06:00 pm from Monday to Saturday.

What are Job Postings?

Job postings are the process to fill a position. It will help to get your job in front of the most relevant job seekers. It's an easy and reliable to way to manage your incoming job application and shortlisted the right candidate for the job. And that’s what Perzue delivers the most accurate search and cost-effective way to hire talent through an online platform.

Critical listings

Jobs which needed to close on the urgent basis. The possibility of job applications  high under critical section

These are our basic job listings that include:

•    Job Description – character limit range from 100-500  for the descriptive fields like company profile, job profile, desired candidate etc.

•    Branding range is limited.

Premium Listings: These are top executive level Jobs( e.g CFO,CEO, Director )

For more customized solutions, please contact our sales team at [email protected] or 1800-2700-401

How radius search work with current and preferred location?

You first select current location which you are seeking a candidate, suppose you want to search candidates within 10 km of his/her current location.  Select “KM” from radius search( multiple selection option present there) and will get relevant search. 

Current and Preferred both working on the OR and AND functionality.

OR: you will get result outcomes from either current or preferred locations

AND: you will get the result from both Current and preferred locations.

Note: if the system will unable to extract the location-based search, you will get the result on the basis of preferred by default.

For how long will my posted jobs remain active on the site?

All jobs remain active on the site for 60 days from the date of posting.

How long will it take for my job to get reflected on Perzue site?

It takes Within 24 Hours for a job posted to be visible on the site.

What happens to my job after 60 days?

After 60 days, the jobs will go in the Archive section. And become invisible for job-seekers.

What are the steps to modify an already existing job on the site?

To modify a job, you need to follow these steps:

Modify a posted job:

•    Log in to your account, select active jobs from the dashboard, click on the edit button on the right side of the box. Re-edit an existing job will consume a fresh job posting 

•    Changes in any given fields like specialty, location, and title will consume a fresh job posting.

•    Publish the re-edit job. And admin will approve the fresh consume job posting.

 For any information, please write to [email protected] and quote the reference ID of the job to be edited along with the details of the modifications required.

How do I remove my job from your site?

If you wish to remove an already posted job from the site:

•    Go to the Dashboard section, select “active jobs link”

•    Click on the ‘Remove’ icon against the job which you want to remove

•    In the prompt that appears, click ‘Remove’

How do I get approval for “expired jobs”?

•    Go to the dashboard section, click on “expired jobs” link.

•    Click on “republish” button, the request will send to admin for approval,

•    You will get notified by mail or notification alert once it has been approved.

How do I view the applications/responses received for the job that I’ve posted?

•    You will receive the applications on the email id provided by you while posting the job.

•    Go to the Dashboard. click on “Active Jobs”  tab where you can see the number of views on each job postings.

•    You can view numbers of candidate applied for each job.

How can I view the Job Posting activity and package information for my account?

Login into a registered account, go to the dashboard page. Where you can see package (you purchased ) information; like the number of critical jobs, premium jobs, banners, usage, etc.

You can also see the status of Active jobs, expired jobs, pending for review, unsuccessful jobs.

How do I search resumes at

To search resumes, go to a master search page. You could type keywords in the search window under the tab of “any keywords or all keywords” ( e.g MBBS in Delhi).  You can search candidates with their name, specialty, area of expertise, skills and resume content.

With the help of double quotes, you can search multiple keywords under one head( e.g homeopathy qualified doctor”).

 You will arrive at a list of relevant candidates. Click on “view profile”  of the candidate from resumes list and get further details on the candidate such as job objective, details of work experience, education etc. along with the email address and contact telephone number.

How can I mail to multiple candidates?

Once you get the list of relevant candidates, you can select multiple candidates from master search result page. Click on email template button, create the template which includes subject, title and job description of the particular job

How “search within” section works?

With the help of this section, you can apply more filter to get accurate matching resumes. Search resumes on the basis of keywords, company, specialty, employer, salary etc.




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